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Our monthly meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm, are open to the public and held in the Chatham High School Library unless otherwise noted. We do try and hold our meetings in different areas of Columbia County so please be sure to check our schedule for the most current information.

Upcoming Meetings

January 15th | 630pm | Chatham High School Library
February 19th | 630pm | Youth Clubhouse
March 19th | 630pm | Chatham High School Library
April 16th | 630pm | St. John’s the Baptist Church in Kinderhook
May 21th | 630pm | Chatham High School Libraray
June 18th | 630pm | TBD
July 16th | 630pm | TBD
August 20st | 630pm | TBD
September 17th | 630pm | TBD
October 15th | 630pm | TBD
November 19th | 630pm | TBD
December 17th | 630pm | TBD